Marta Hryniuk



Force Field, Oficine 800, Venice, May 8th – Sep 15th 2019

Open Doek Festival, Rotterdam, May 24-25th 2019

Open Studios @RET, South Explorer Rotterdam, April 13-14th 2019 



Residency at the Skaftfell Center for Visual ArtsSeyðisfjörður, March 2019

Margin of Counterfeit, Rib, Rotterdam, Feb 9th 2019

Anomia#2, at7, Amsterdam, Jan 27th 2019

Anywhere but Here, National Museum in Szczecin – Museum of Contemporary Art, 7.12.2018-24.03.2019

Lounge (Wet @ Schkeudi #3), 3-4.11.2018

Beast Film Festival, Porto, 26-30.09.2018

Tripping Autonomy, De Kroon, Rotterdam, 7-15.07.2018

A Mechanism Capable of Changing Itself, 48th Berlinale Forum Expanded, 15-25.02.2018

What’s the Offer?, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, 10.02.2018

Morning!, Milieu @ CineREX, Bern, 28.01.2018

THEIA, 28.01.2018 @WORM, Rotterdam

de Spiegel, :SKALA, Poznań, 12-26.01.2018