Marta Hryniuk

Film stills:

stills from video, HD video 16:9, 14’27’’, 2018


installation views:

Tripping Autonomy, Piet Zwart Institute graduation exhibition, de Kroon, Rotterdam, 2018


‘Balkon van Europa’, made in collaboration with Erika Roux, touches on female working-class labour and identity. A female protagonist spends time in a snack bar located at the very tip of the Rotterdam harbour, on so-called ‘reclaimed land’. Through its panoramic window, she looks onto the mouth of the river Maas, where cargo ships enter and exit Europe’s largest port. Composed of a series of locked off shots, the video reflects on the progression of time and acts of looking; it pursues snippets of narrative in order to break them down, and dissolve into surfaces, textures and compositions.

watch excerpt:

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