Marta Hryniuk

Film stills:

stills from video, HD video 16:9, 14’27’’, 2018


installation views:

Tripping Autonomy, Piet Zwart Institute graduation exhibition, de Kroon, Rotterdam, 2018


Balkon van Europa portrays a snack bar, which the video borrows its name from. The bar is located at the far edge of Maasvlaakte II– a newly constructed area of Rotterdam port on the land “reclaimed” from the sea.

The video is entirely shot in the bar. The camera is moving across surfaces– showing bar’s interiors, clientele, and looking out of the windows into the open sea. A female protagonist inhabits the space. The images of boats passing by, customers coming in and out, multiple clocks, optical instruments and maritime souvenirs, slowly turning turbine wind mills are bouncing back and forth between reflective surfaces. The act of looking out simultaneously becomes the act of looking inside.

Balkon van Europa is a series of static shots. The camera stays motionless, and the movement takes place within the frame. There is no major narrative; instead there are micro-narratives/visual stories condensed into a single shot, or into a couple of following shots. The video keeps its slow rhythm; fairly long shots allow for snippets of narratives to break down, and dissolve into surfaces, textures and compositions; eventually the narrative recedes. By formalising elements intrinsic to filmic language, the video attempts to explore and play with notions of time, linearity and progression.

watch excerpt:

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