Marta Hryniuk

Born in Warsaw in 1991. Lives and works in Rotterdam.

Makes video works that explore female biographies and identities – especially those shaped by experiences of displacement – as well as activating relations between cinematic tools and gender. Her work is often entangled with the past; she is particularly interested in the resurfacing of histories in the present, histories which reappear in her own life and the lives of those around. Her point of access is usually through storytelling and personal accounts, working with family archives and stories, trying to link them to her own actuality. Her practice relies on intuition, intimate encounters, and on empathy being embodied in the camerawork. Pointing the camera is a poetic act at the same time as it is research.

Between 2013-2017 has co-run an artist-run space and nomadic collective Silverado. In 2018 co-founded WET– a Rotterdam-based production and distribution cooperative for film, video and artists’ moving image. Her videos are part of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art database.


2018  MFA, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2016  MFA, Academy of Arts in Szczecin, Poland

2014  BFA, University of Arts in Poznań, Poland

2012  Semester abroad at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Naples, Italy

Fellowships, awards, residencies:

O&O research and development grant, CBK Rotterdam (2019)

Van Beek Donner Stichting (2018)

Młoda Polska Fellowship (2017)

Startpoint Prize Final Selection (2016)

Ministry of Culture Fellowship (2015)

Mobile Residency Focus+Indonesia (2014)

Solo and duo shows:

“de Spiegel”, Galeria SKALA, Poznań, PL, 2018

“O, Little Bird”, GGM, Gdańsk, PL, 2017

“Cold Body Shining”, Project Room, CCA Warsaw, PL, 2017

Selected group shows:

“Off-white”, Pure Propaganda, Rotterdam, 2019

“Force Field”, Oficine800, Venice, May-September 2019

“Margin Of Counterfeit”, Rib, Rotterdam, NL, 2019

“Anywhere But Here”, National Museum in Szczecin, PL, 2018

“Lounge” (with WET), Schkeuditz, DE, 2018

“A Mechanism Capable of Changing Itself”, 48th Berlinale Forum Expanded, Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg, 2018

“Tripping Autonomy”, PZI MFA Graduation Exhibition, de Kroon, Rotterdam, 2018

“Szczecińskie Awangardy”, National Museum in Szczecin, 2017/18

“T H IS I S A LL U R E”, Wolfart Project Space, Rotterdam, 2017

“Peach @W139”, W139, Amsterdam, 2016

“On failing”, Pop-up show by Aici Acolo, Cluj Napoka, RO, 2016

“We drink to forget the coming storm”, Galerie Klubovna, Brno, CZ, 2016

“Przypływ. Młoda polska sztuka współczesna”, Art Main Station, ESK, Wrocław, PL, 2016

“Entrance through the Exit”, Dom Słowa Polskiego, Warsaw, PL, 2016

“Najlepsze Dyplomy ASP 2016”, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk, PL, 2016

“Fantom”, Storrady Park Offices, Szczecin, PL, 2016

“Test Exposure”, Media Art Biennale Wro, Wroclaw, PL, 2015

“Wyborny trup fotografii polskiej”, TIFF festival, BWA Awangarda, Wroclaw, PL,  2015

“Local Temperature”, Obroncow Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, PL, 2015

“Trzymaj pion”, SOON_23, Spectra Art Space, Warsaw, PL, 2015

“Palazzo de Aur”, Obroncow Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, PL, 2015

“próbuję wstać ale od razu muszę się położyć”, Nowy Browar, Szczecin, PL, 2015

“Rysopis”, Wro Art Center, Wroclaw, PL, 2014

“Focus + Indonesia”, National Museum, Szczecin, PL, 2014

“Bonus Track”, Willa Hermanna, Poznan, PL, 2014

“Zoo Kids”, Stare Zoo, Poznan, PL, 2014

“H / K / Ł / O/ P / R”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cracow, PL, 2013

“Kontakte”, Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach, DE, 2013

“Duo days”, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, performance festival, IE, 2013

“Altofest”, performance festival, Naples, IT, 2013 & 2014

“Słodka Choroba”, BWA – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tarnow, PL, 2012

Selected screenings:

Open Doek Festival, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam, May 2019

Wet screening, Skaftfell, Seydisfjordur, IS, 2019

Anomia, at7, Amsterdam, NL, 2019

Beast Film Festival, Porto, 2018

Morning!, Milieu @ CineREX, Bern, 2018

THEIA, WORM, Rotterdam, 2018

Curatorial projects:

“Symultanka”, Łęctwo, Poznań, PL, 2017

“We drink to forget the coming storm”, Galerie Klubovna, Brno, CZ, 2016

“Pole Gry”, Philharmonics in Szczecin, PL, 2016

“Spooky Action at a Distance”, Realny Obszar Działań, Warsaw, PL, 2016

“Modern Art Desserts”, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE, 2015

“Chorus”, Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair Alt_Cph 15, DK, 2015

“Wystawa jako odmienny stan świadomości”, kolektyw 1a, Poznań, PL, 2014

“Sterownik Czasu Rzeczywistego”, Silverado Gallery, Poznań, PL, 2014

“Sterownik Czasu Rzeczywistego vol. 2”, Zacheta National Gallery, PL, 2014