Marta Hryniuk


Film stills

Cold Body Shining, 33’24”, loop, 2017


Installation views

Cold Body Shining, two-sided projection with sound, unspecified duration, fish scales, Bank Pekao Project Room, CCA

Ujazdowski Castle, photo by Bartosz Górka, 2017


“Cold Body Shining” was a video installation including a two-sided projection with one soundtrack, and fish scales.

First projection (“Cold Body Shining”, 33’24’’, 2017) is a film consisting of several chapters and a nonlinear narrative

(watch excerpt here).

The second one (“Cold Body Shining II”, 5 hours 23’20”, 2017) is an abstract image showing a bioluminescent process

(watch excerpt here).


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Film by: Marta Hryniuk

Music by: Robert Skrzyński (Micromelancolié)

Produced by: Marta Hryniuk & Bank Pekao Project Room/CCA Warsaw