Marta Hryniuk

Film stills

Long shot, stills, HD video, 04’05”, 2016

“It’s freezing cold, in the middle of a frosty winter. I keep shooting and inventing new ways to film this particular scene, that one day struck me. I am totally obsessed with the idea of this shot as if it was a fixation. I don’t know the reason; it’s just a strong desire to accomplish this task. To let something happen, that as of yet, existed only in my imagination. I keep trying and trying and always fail.

In this skeleton-building, where the wind puffs and enters through the empty window panes, I am engaging with the wall to gain a tautness of the rope. I am drilling and building a steel rope construction in order to install the camera up there, high above the audience. It fails. And I fail again. The camera is wobbling and bouncing. The rope, never quite stretched enough.”

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